3 Days in RVA

Lately it seems like all eyes are on Richmond. Frommer’s named the city a top worldwide destination claiming, “while you weren’t looking, Richmond got cool.” The New York Times says, “Richmond is strutting with confidence” as it emerges as a “new player on the Southern art and culinary scene.” And Outside magazine says residents are “absolutely justified in their zealotry.”
But what does a foodie city taste like? What makes an “it” neighborhood? What does it mean to be one of the happiest cities in America? And, as a university that brings in students from all over the world but once struggled to burst its own bubble, what’s our place in all of this?
Spend a weekend here with an itinerary like this and you’ll get a few answers. Delicate and hop-forward, classic French with a dash of comfort. A place that preserves history without shying away from innovation. Spiders who love RVA and work together to make our home a better place.

This feature appeared in the spring 2015 issue of University of Richmond Magazine. It's hard to believe I've lived in Richmond for nearly a decade. I love getting the chance to write about the people and places that make my adopted home, and this piece was no exception.